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Building History

Tbilisi Chess Palace and the Alpine Club by the architects Vladimir Aleksi-Meskhishvili and Germane Ghudushauri was opened in 1973, on the territory of Vera Park (then Kirov Park). The Building was dedicated to five-time world champion in chess, at that time 33 years old Nona Gaprindashvili
The authors of the building had to solve an interesting task and numerous challenges while planning the building. The downhill park defined the location of the building. The originality of the architectural theme of the House of Chess prompted by the life itself, having no analogy, as far as we know, in modern architectural practice, set a difficult task before the authors' group - to create an original public building, new by its purpose. Its purpose should have fitted two types of sport; idea and task should have been in harmony with each other and decoration of the building - adequate to its function. The building is remarkable not only by architectural mastery but is also distinguished by urban planning.
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