State of Conservation

In the framework of the project as a result of a multidisciplinary research, a comprehensive description of the building and an analysis of its current physical condition, damages, and the negative factors causing them, measured drawings and photo documentation have been created.

Due to the complexity of the needs of the building, multidisciplinary research was conducted. In the first stage, archival materials were retrieved and studied, including the original and a later, slightly modified project of the building, photo-archive, and other historical data related to the building. A complete architectural survey of the building was carried out, which revealed later architectural and structural changes.

Based on visual observations, the sustainability of the structural elements of the building was assessed, the risks and needs in this regard were identified, and a laboratory study of the construction materials was carried out. The sustainability and safety of internal mechanical systems were assessed. The analysis of the results of these studies provided a complete picture of the development history of the building and revealed the specific needs of both the building and its users.

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